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What is a Wastewater Operator?

NC Water Pollution Control System Operators Certification Commission

NC Sub Surface Operator Number #986944

A wastewater operator is hired to maintain a wastewater treatment system and is also known as “Operator-in-Responsible Charge” (or ORC). The wastewater treatment systems that are required to be inspected by a Wastewater Operator are defined under “What are Type IV, V and VI Wastewater Treatment Systems?

What are all the possible titles for a Wastewater Operator?
Wastewater Inspector, Subsurface Operator, Septic Inspector, Septic Operator and ORC.

What are the responsibilities of a Wastewater Operator (ORC)?

  • Possess the appropriate certificates, a copy of the system’s operations permit and plans for the facility.

  • Be responsible for and visit the wastewater system as required by the system’s operations permit.

  • Properly manage and document operations and maintenance.

  • Certify monitoring and reporting information.

  • Live within reasonable proximity of the system.

Under what conditions is the Wastewater Operator required to notify the local health department?

  • Observance of surface malfunction of sewage at the facility.

  • Termination of contractual services either by the Owner or the Wastewater Operator.

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